About Us

With the world becoming more complex and competitive and changing faster than ever, our children are faced with a future we cannot foresee.

To thrive as global citizens and make in positive impact in our society, our children need to become

active self-motivated learners.

Parenting for 21st Century Challenges

As parents and educators, we need to look beyond traditional academic and exam skills and look for avenues for holistic development and build crucial skillsets and adaptive mindsets in our children.

Our Ideology

EQ + SQ + IQ = 21st Century ready mind

At S&B, we believe that true potential lies at the intersection of EQ, SQ and IQ.

To thrive in workplace environments of the future, it is important to make sure our kids are equipped with the right Social and Emotional skills along with academic knowledge.

21st Century

Brand Vision

"Cultivate a Culture of Lifelong Self-Learning"

We aspire to complement the current formal education landscape with our proven supplementary education programs, fostering children's holistic development and motivating them to actualize their truest potential.

Brand Mission

We want to cultivate lifelong learners through our mission R.E.A.D. making Learning more Rewarding, Engrossing, Accessible, Delightful for all stakeholders- Students, Parents, Teachers and Schools.

What We Do

We Reimagine, Develop and Deliver
Supplementary and Afterschool Programs
and Experiences to support the formal education landscape and achieve the following outcomes

  • Increase access to learning through Ed-tech
  • Build Online Learning Communities
  • Inspire 21st Century Career Readiness - Bridge the skills gap
  • Improve lesson delivery and support teaching
  • Build forums for Stakeholders of the Learning Ecosystem

Bridging the skills gap
through 21st century skills

"When the going gets TOUGH,
YOUR SKILLS will get you going"

From Storytellers to Story Makers

Meet Our Founders

Nidhi Agrawal

B.Tech (E&TC), MBA (IIM-C), M.A. (Eng. Lit)

Where Passion Intersects Purpose

Since her childhood, Nidhi has been a voracious reader and attributes her grit and drive to her reading habit. An Engineer who took up her Executive MBA at IIM Calcutta, was by chance nudged into the family business. But she had a greater calling. She saw her passion for books calling her to the realm of education. So she dived in, and has since the past 4 years created waves of impact in her community and has aspirations to chase her larger mission.

After numerous years of research and multiple certifications in learning techniques, Nidhi is the Creative Bedrock of the brand. Nidhi loves solving crosswords and word puzzles every day to boost her mental stamina and to stay sharp.

Siddhant Gupta

B.Tech (Mech), M.Sc Management (UK)

Pivot & Persist

Nidhi’s brother, Siddhant is a quintessential problem solver and is the Chief Commander of Operations and New Business Development. After graduating from Warwick Business School in 2015, and with a keen inclination towards financial models and process automation, he has been instrumental in charting out future growth strategies of Stories & Beyond, which will unfold over the coming years. He loves to read management and personal development books and is an avid traveller.

Partners on Our Mission

S&B has joined hands with the top international education and learning experts to bring life to its vision. Some of our prestigious partners are listed below: