Our Mission @ Stories & Beyond

Our Mission

Stories & Beyond is a magical mix of Stories and GK Fun Facts that helps children improve their reading fluency and vocabulary. The heart of Stories & Beyond is a collection of World Famed stories ranging from Folktales to Children's Classics and NURTURE THE LOVE FOR BOOKS.

Stories & Beyond strengthens children's Elocution and Debating Skills. We inculcate systematic Creative Writing Skills in them using latest techniques of the field making it SIMPLE yet EFFECTIVE for the children to grasp and apply.

The Space @ Stories & Beyond

The Space

All our centers are chirpy and bright. We selectively choose child friendly environments. Our Storytellers use a variety of props and smart tools to make learning effective.

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Why Stories & Beyond

Stories & Beyond is an endeavor to take your kids off the TV and engage them in meaningful activities which help in all-around development of their personalities.

Our Offerings

FUEL YOUR CREATIVITY with our After School Programs- Try Debates, Elocutions, Stories with Art and Craft!

Raise A Reader

Raise a Reader program

Suitable for all ages

Weekly 1-hour class

The Program is designed to give personalized attention to the students (teacher to student ratio is 1:3). Students develop good vocabulary and fluency in reading through interesting games and innovative activities. Objective is to make reader more confident and well versed in creative writing and comprehension skills.

  • The program offers
  • Read-Aloud and Story Re-telling
  • Theatre Script
  • English Reading Fluency
  • Enhances Vocabulary
  • Improves General Awareness
  • Systematic Phonics Training
  • Training in Voice Modulation
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Accelerated Reading Program

Accelerated Reading Program

Suitable for children of ages 4 to 15 yrs

Weekly 2-hour class

A yearly program that takes your child through the amazing world of stories. The Program promotes Author-Interaction to enhance kid's exposure to the Literacy World and inculcates better reading habits in children.

  • English Reading Fluency
  • Enhances vocabulary
  • Improves General Knowledge
  • Systematic Phonics Training

The heart of this program is a collection of stories ranging from Folktales to Children's Classics

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Weekend Workshops

Workshops for Young Adults

Suitable for children of ages 7 to 15 yrs

Weekly 1-hour class

Word Wizard
  • The program enriches
  • Children's VOCABULARY.
  • Trains them in Word Puzzles like Doublets, Crosswords and Word search.

Speak up, Speak out
  • The Program trains children for Debates and Elocutions by
  • Learning famous speeches and poems
  • Training in Voice Modulation
  • Effective Body Language & Gestures


The program trains children to pen down their thoughts using systematic Creative Writing Techniques and Games

Spell Champ

The program equips the children for Spellbees

  • Spelling Rules
  • Pronunciation Key Guide
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The Storytellers

Meet the people who weave magic through their story telling.

Team Member

Rekha Samal

Certified Story Teller

Rekha is a Certified Storyteller who is very amicable with little children. She is passionate about her work and believes in delivering her 100% to the kids. She ensures children's well-being at S&B.

Team Member

Nidhi Agrawal

Word Wizard

Nidhi is a word wizard who loves to dwell into root etymology. A major part of her day goes into solving word puzzles. She intends to trickle the techniques in young children.

Team Member

Amita Sarkari

Certified Story Teller and Jolly Phonics trained teacher

Amita is a certified Storyteller who is an actor, performer and student of theatre. She is an ardent advocate of storytelling as a learning aid. She ensures that children enjoy the storytelling sessions at S&B.

In The News

Stories & Beyond has won accolades in the media for it's Innovative Camps and Community Reading


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